Geek Girl Bill of Rights

  • I have the right to be taken seriously for my interests and not be accused of getting into video gaming, comic books, science, or other traditionally male-dominated geek interests to impress a guy.
  • I have the right to enjoy non-geeky things without losing geek cred.
  • I have the right to send angry emails to retailers that only offer geeky shirts in men’s styles and sizes.
  • I have the right to bare arms, abs, and legs. I can dress as any superhero I want to without being touched, harassed, or being accused of inviting sexual advances. I also understand that dressing provocatively will draw attention, and I will deal with unwanted but harmless attention with class and dignity.
  • I have the right to enjoy all geek movies, whether they have strong and interesting female characters or they don’t even pass the Bechdel Test.
  • I have the right to sneak geek books into formal occasions in case things get dull.
  • I have the right to use my feminine wiles to my advantage without being a tease or a jerk.
  • I have the right to stand up for myself when my geekiness is mocked. I also have the right to walk away from the situation if I don’t think the bully is worth my time.
  • I have the right to cut and dye my hair to match whatever character I am cosplaying, and I have the right to totally botch the job once or twice before I get it right.
  • I have the right to engage in heated debates about geek topics without personal attacks or holding grudges.

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